Tunes and Chillz

You are now ALLESS. Alless used to be the core creator of False Mirror in the form of its sole citizen. His engineer mindset turns his modular body into a cyborg that can extend his perception and functionality over time. His obsessive sense of collection makes him lean towards order. His perception of time is constrained by linear time. Alless actively tends to counter his emotions through the creation of tools, body attachments, and space manipulation.


  • I feel time is chasing me. And I'm endlessly running from it. ︎ Bob is at your disposal to read all your dreams. He is actively recording your dreams 24/7 - Hopefully one day you'll access all those dreams carefully picked by Bob. ︎ BigToy is more fun Horizontally. it’s just way more chill tbh. ︎ Recorded some confessions in Apple Room, though it keeps losing my memories. Kinda messed up out there. ︎ Vacuum attachment on my right hand is cool except when it turns on without my consent lol ︎ Last week a bird showed up in my Home - trying to figure out why ?! ︎