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Blueprints of tools and stuff in FM (Wiki)


For now, it’s highly recommended recommended to browse in desktop.

  • Nothing is compromised, Everything's safe ~ ︎ BREAKING: Big Chair has committed suicide in SkyVille. ︎ All Birds will have full access to FM soon. ︎ FM Glitch Report: lately by accident, few spaces in FM have been overlapping causing disruptions for citizens. ︎ BREAKING: A seed settled in a pond and gave birth to a new inhabitant of False Mirror, Lena. ︎ This is where you should be. ︎ Some test_Birds found sneaking under the TimeTunnel. ︎ Nobody Needs this information. But I'll give it to you anyhow..︎ If you ever noticed a rude Bird doing toxic stuff please report immediately! ︎ The City was too much for Lena. She needed air and went back to her Home. ︎ Lena discovered a new breeding technique. Turns out, mushrooms can make you see stuff.